Geographic focus: national, european, internatioanl.

Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius aims at promoting Knowledge, enriching Cultural Heritage and creating New Chances.

Activities :

- Research and Scholarship : innovative international teaching and research structures, as well as creative fields of research (young scientists who are active at an international and interdisciplinary level: jurisprudence and history, arts and cultural studies)

- Art/Culture : *art exhibitions organized in cooperation with museums in Hamburg and elsewhere.
*literature and philosophical discussion in the "Hamburger Literaturhaus"
*promotion of young musicians and of contemporary music
*preserve and maintain our cultural heritage, such as the safeguarding of valuable monuments and the restoration of historical organs, or precious handwritten works and manuscripts.

The Bucerius Art Forum: to encourage more contact with the arts and to extend the opportunities for such contact in the urban environment.

- Education and Training : *innovative schooling concepts, organizing an annual Summer School for future managers from throughout the world
*National Library Prize, importance of the book as a medium for education, knowledge, traditions

Type of supports :

- Grants

- Scholarships

Public :

- Individuals

- Groupes

Contact :

Address : Feldbrunnenstrasse 56
20148 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40/41 33 66
Fax: +49 40/41 33 67 00
E-Mail: zeit-stiftung@zeit-stiftung.de
Site web : www.zeit-stiftung.de
Contact : Philipp Adlung
Tel : +49-40-4133 68 60

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