Democratic Republic of the Congo



Name of the responsible structure : Ecurie Maloba / Jardin Motona Moto Abongisa
Type of the structure : non-for-profit association
Initiator of the project : artists
Continent : Africa
Country : Democratic Republic of the Congo
Adress: Kin-Bandal BP 18 673 Kinshasa 13
Tel : (243) 12 41 558 – 12 60 596
Fax : (243) 12 46 197
e-mail : /
Contact : Nono Bakwa


Ecurie Maloba was founded in 1988 in Kinshasa by three theatre companies, who got together to improve collaboration in the production, creation, and promotion of performing arts. Today, it is one of the only cultural creation and exchange centres in the whole of the D.R. Congo and it includes five companies.
Ecurie Maloba develops a lot of projects that revolve around the creation of theatrical and living stage productions, around their production and distribution; but it also gets involved in musical production (shows and record publishing).
It promotes actors and initiates training sessions: acting, improvisation, song, dance.
A large task is underway to assemble information and documentation about African theatre.
With systematic collection of scripts, projects, photographs and videos, and with the implementation of an internet-hosted database, Ecurie Maloba is in the process of opening up one of Central Africa’s first theatre libraries.

Location : city
Foundation year : 1988


multifunctional space
exterior space
resource centre / library

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences / Spaces rental / Festivals

The main activities of the ’Ecurie Maloba are :
- Theatral season “ Tous au Théatre â€
- Production of performances on different street corner of the city
- International festival of the actor : 5 editions and one special edition from 1990 to 1998..

Music : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences / Spaces rental / Festivals

Writing-Literature : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences

Financial partners

The projects are partly self-financed, The Ecurie Maloba receive no support from the State.
The main partners are the french cooperation mission, the French Community of Belgium, the ACCT and the festival of french-speaking communities in Limousin.


- Afrique Synergie

- RICAFE : Cultural information network in Africa and Europe et en Europe

- REPROSAC : Production, promotion and diffusion network of performances in Central Africa (founded in 1994, on the occasion of the actor festival second edition)