Young Arab Theatre Fund, YATF, is a production fund designed to serve independent young Artists directors living and working in the Arab world. The long-term goal of the fund is to encourage the sustainability of independent theatre and performing arts in the Arab World and to motivate its development. YATF is working through different programs: production, touring, travel and events and alternative spaces.

Please download the application forms : 1) for travel and touring program and 2) for Production program, on YATF website /How to apply

You will find below a description on how to apply (Source :YATF website)

Who can apply ?
Young artists who work professionally in the contemporary performing arts in the Arab countries or have an artistic involvement in the region.

- professionals at the beginning of their career
- artists who have not previously received YATF’s support, though this does not exclude the possibility of support for the same company or director twice in succession
- artists who explore different artistic disciplines and produce multidisciplinary performances (including theatre, dance, video, installation, music)
- artistic quality

Undergraduates and amateurs are not eligible for support.

Which program?

- Production
The YATF co-produces projects that fall within the framework of performing arts (theatre, dance, video, installation, music).
Applications for production should be sent at least four months before the premiere/opening.
The YATF cannot support 100% of the total budget of a production.

- Touring
The YATF supports the presentation of performing arts productions in different venues and festivals within the Arab World and beyond.
Applications for touring should be sent at least six weeks before the presentation.

- Travel
The YATF supports :

- individual artists to attend festivals, in order to broaden their knowledge, see other performances, make new contacts, etc.
- artist residencies
- auditions
The YATF cannot support any artist travelling for studies or scholarships.

How to apply ?
Please fill in the application form of the program you wish to apply for and send it by email. The whole application should not be more than 4 pages. You can write in Arabic, English or French. A reply will be sent back to you when we have received your application.
Applications can only be sent by e-mail, fax or mail (preferably by email).

Please send additional materials such as photographs, videos and other documentation that will give the selection committee a clear impression of your work either by e-mail or by post to:
Young Arab Theatre Fund, c/o IETM, 19 Square Sainctelette, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Application deadlines
Applications will not be accepted after the deadlines listed below.

- 1 January
production: for projects that are presented from April onwards
touring: for presentations that take place six weeks later

- 1 May
production: for projects that are presented from September onwards
touring: for presentations that take place six weeks later

- 1 September
production: for projects that are presented from January onwards
touring: for presentations that take place six weeks later

After the deadlines the applications are sent to a selection committee, the YATF will do its best to give you an answer within 5 weeks.

Please send the total budget, including all sources of income (co-producers, sponsors, and other partners for funding), clearly stating which amounts are confirmed, promised or under negotiation. The YATF supports that staff be paid to standard.

More Information
If you have further questions, please contact
Tarek Abou El Fetouh
19 Square Sainctelette - 1000 Brussels - Belgium
Tel + Fax: +32 2 2031295 - website

Modified on Wednesday 20 April 2005