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A path between property and protest
By Marijke van der Meer, 1 August 2001 check the article on Radio Netherlands website :

Arts and urban change : the Zilina Project
FIRST PUBLISHED IN Policies for Culture Journal, winter issue 2003. know more about policies for culture ABOUT THE AUTHOR Marek Adamov is the director of a Non Governmental Organization, "Truc Spherique" in Zilina , Slovakia. Reconstruction of Zilina-Zariecie railway station for Open Cultural Space Stanica

Southern Spaces
By Ahmed El Attar and Tarek Abou el Fetouh This article was published in «Beyond Borders», magazine of the European Cultural Foundation Crossing the Mediterranean number 5 - november 2003 (p18-20) In the seventh ECF R.O.O.M. (‘Resource of Open Minds'), two important figures in Egypt's cultural life, Ahmed El Attar (independent theatre director and playwright) and Tarek Abou El Fetouh (arts manager and architect) discussed the issue of free art spaces in the Southern Mediterranean. Ahmed cast some light on the contemporary theatre scene in Egypt and the history of its development, while Tarek described some of the ‘alternative spaces' with which he had been involved.

The birth of a net in Buenos Aires

"Different Strokes: Alternative Culture Today" - Switzerland

Non profit art organizations in Spain - - 2001

French cultural policy (in italian)
A radio broadcast By Clara Tanzi Radiotelevisione Svizzera Contact : Documentazione e archivi CH- 6903 Lugano Tel : + 41 91 803 56 88 Fax : + 41 91 803 52 52 E-mail :