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The Bertelsmann Foundation is dedicated to developing ideas and solutions for societal problems and promoting societal reform.

Activities :

- Education : to contribute to improving the quality of the educational system (the holistic understanding of education, a performance-based approach in our educational institutions, and the integration of immigrants).

- Health : to foster the notion of prevention in the healthcare system.

- Culture : to initiate creativity, preserve cultural diversity and build bridges of understanding through cultural exchange.
Two main focuses:
*International Singing Contest, "New Voices": seek out, select and provide artistic support for young opera singers.
Type of support: prizes, issued on competitions (for more information,
*Forums for Culture: initiate an understanding of urgent cultural challenges in business, politics and society, recognise cultural diversity and promote the exchange between the world’s cultures.

- Democracy & Civil Society : to promote the ingraining of democratic values into society and opens the door to direct citizen involvement.

- Economic & Social Affairs : to refine the social market economy, aim to enable stable growth in employment and increase the social responsibility assumed by businesses.

- International Relations : to promote models and encourages proposals for interstate and international governmental action.

Type of supports:

- Grants

Remarks :

« Carl Bertelsmann Prize » : to recognize innovative solutions to societal problems.
Type of support: donation of 150,000 euro.


Address : Carl Betelsmann Strass. 256, D-33311 Gà¼tersloh
Tel : ++49 (0) 5241 80-2502
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Contact : Liz Mohn

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