An unmissable resource centre of cultural and artistic innovation in Europe, Banlieues d’Europe brings together 300 international active partners and 5000 contacts in Europe.
The network is constituted of cultural actors, artists, militants, social workers, local councillors and researchers. Their joint objective is to exchange practices and information and to get away from isolation in order to valorise cultural action projects in deprived neighbourhoods with excluded communities.

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  • Place name Banlieues d'Europe
  • ContinentEurope
  • CountryFrance
  • Region Rhône-Alpes
  • City / TownLyon
  • Adress271 rue Vendôme
  • Postcode69003
  • Telephone0472609780
  • Fax0478952815
  • General
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  • Person(s) in charge Jean Hurstel president Email : Myriam Bentoumi Networking manager Email : Charlotte Bohl European project developer Email : Marjorie Fromentin Administrative and financial manager Email :
Date of creation: 31 March 2014
Last update: 31 March 2014
  • Name of the legal structureBanlieues d'Europe
  • Legal statute Association
  • Creation date of the legal structure 1996
  • Nature of the current property non-profit
  • Team - Organization Jean Hurstel - president
    Myriam Bentoumi - Networking manager
    Charlotte Bohl - European project developer
    Marjorie Fromentin - Administrative and financial manager
  • Statement of the current project The European cultural network “Banlieuesd'Europe” (BE) is a forum for debate on participatory cultural practices which encourage the emergence of artistic and social innovation. The network is both transdisciplinary and trans-sectoral. It gathers cultural actors, artists, activist researchers, local councillors, social and educational workers, and protagonist in social- and solidarity economy-based organizations, who are conscious of the necessity to exchange practices in order to raise recognition of cultural action projects in communities and neighbourhoods.
    Banlieuesd'Europe, strengthened by both a local and a European anchorage, connects more than 6,500 professionals and 118 member organizations (56 adherent members and 62 partner members) from 33 different countries.
    The mission of BE is:
    - To reinforce the capacity of cultural and creative actors committed to working in working-class neighbourhoods in Europe and beyond, enabling them to operate at transnational and international levels;
    -To encourage cultural diversity as an essential component of the development of sustainable and inclusive European societies;
    -To create spaces for experimentation and the development of new participatory approaches, encouraging artistic emergence, social innovation and the relationship between art, territory and communities.
  • Genesis - History - Identity 1990 : Origin of the Banlieues d'Europe network in Lorraine under the impetus of Jean Hurstel, Founder and President.
    1996 : The Banlieues d'Europe network office was set up in Strasbourg and actions multiplied; setting up of the network, European meetings, seminars, training courses and publication of meeting reports and other works centred on cultural democracy.
    2004 : Creation of Banlieues d'Europ'Est, Romania, by one of the members of the network, Silvia Cazacu. The association aims to facilitate the setting up of a network of cultural actors in Eastern European countries.
    2007 : Banlieues d'Europe moved its offices to Lyon; a new space for work, exchanges and new activities, European rendez-vous for local actors, a resource centre, etc.
  • work - artistic , cultural and social practices - Disciplines BE's actions are centred on three principal activities:
    1. Activation of the Network: meetings, European forums on “The Emergence of Neighbourhoods”, seminars, networking activities (sourcing partnerships), identification and promotion of projects.
    2.Development of European projects, training and project support: information sessions, European mobility, training-action, and training in different European cities ‘University of Neighbourhood Culture'
    3. Resources and Documentation: Documentation Centre (physical and online resource portal), professionaldatabase, online projectplatform, studies and publications (reports ,studies and expertise).
  • Principal direct partner(s) , public & private The Banlieues d'Europe network is supported by the French Ministry of Culture (Delegation for Development and International Affairs), the Secretary-Generalship of the InterMinisterial Committee to the Town, the Town of Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes County Council and the European Commission-DGEAC.
    The Resource Centre of Banlieues d'Europe is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed in the Rhône-Alpes area with the FEDER.
  • affinity network(s) Artfactories/Autre(s)pARTs
  • affinity network(s) Culture Action Europe:
    Platform for Intercultural Europe: