Geographic focus: national and international.

The Mondriaan Foundation is a cultural organization which supports and stimulates projects relating to visual art, design and museums.

Activities :

- Art and Design: exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, presentations promoting artistic development and stimulating the public debate on art.
The Foundation also supports similar projects abroad, on condition they have some bearing on Dutch Art and Design.
The Foundation supports also the production of various publications.
The Foundation brings also financial support to artists’ initiatives for experimentation and new technologies for the presentation of Dutch and international art.
Foreign artists who present Dutch art may apply.

Procedures: There must be an organization involved in the country where the event will take place.
It might contain one or several artists/designers.

- Museum activities

Type of support:


Public :

Government authorities
Individuals (only to international activities)

Procedures :

To download the application form on the website.
The Foundation never covers all the costs of a project.
Application: submitted no later than 3 months before the start of the project, all along the year; processed between 10 weeks and 3 months maximum.


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