Geographic focus: Europe and Developing Countries.

Hivos (Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries) aims to contribute towards a free, just and sustainable world.

Activities in the Netherlands:

- Economy

- Human Rights

- Sustainable development

- Health

- Art and Culture: Hivos Culture Fund: activities in the field of culture and the arts (film, poetry, visual arts, performing arts and literature).
"PUTTING ART ON THE MAP": Gate Foundation organised the virtual art exchange On(e)line with support from Hivos. Participating artists from South Africa and Zimbabwe, previously unacquainted, started working on a joint project after On(e)line.

Activities worldwide:

- Art and Culture: supports artistic and cultural activities in developing countries (in the field of visual arts, focus on new talented artists)

- Human Rights

- Sustainable Development

- Information

Type of support:


Public :



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