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Name of the responsible structure : Verein zur Schaffung offener Kultur- und Werkstà¤ttenhà¤user
Type of structure : Not for profit association under Austrian law
Profile of the initiators of the project : Mixed group of artists, teachers, musicians, social workers, students, old age pensioners etc. who wanted to preserve the building, very soon they founded the umbrella association
Continent : Europe
Country : Austria
Address/tel/fax :
Wà¤ringer Strasse 59,
A-1090 Wien
Tel +43-1-40121/35
Fax +43-1-40121/66
Contact : Vincent Abbrederis

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The WUK is an open cultural space, a space for the living interaction of art, politics and social issues. It enables the manifestation of an extended notion of culture that transcends the meaning of culture in every-day usage. The WUK links the overlapping synergetic models of a socio-cultural centre and an international centre of art and culture:
As a socio-cultural centre it focuses on furthering processes of liberation, independence and help to self-help, district-based cultural work and self-government, self-organization and autonomy.
As a centre of art and culture it concentrates on promoting the production and presentation of innovative, experimental, interdisciplinary, critical art and culture at local, regional and international level.

- Former use:
Locomotive factory
- Architect(s) of the former building
Group of architects: Tietz, Fellner&Helmer, Krones, Berehinak
- Architect(s) of the renovated building
Lore Kleindienst
- Total surface:
13.500 m2
- Indoor surface:
12.000 m2
-  Place property : City of Vienna
-  Occupation type : free lending negotiation for the association
-  Location : city
-  Foundation year: Association 1979, Centre 1981

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-  Venues:
1) Main Hall (380 m2)& Foyer ( 175 m2), capacity 200 seating, 550 standing
2) Museum Spaces (2 halls of 60m2), capacity 30 seating, 50 standing each

-  Bar
-  Restaurant
-  Cinema: capacity 30 seats
-  Offices for associations
-  Training places
-  2 private schools (elementary & secondary level)
-  4 Art Galleries: Kunsthalle Exnergasse (400 m2), Fotogalerie Wien (100 m2 & 40 m2), Projektraum Wien (250 m2), Galerie IntAkt (25 m2, for women only)
-  Rehearsal studios
-  Production studios (video and audio)
-  Artist residencies spaces: 2 guest studios for visual artists, 20 m2 each
-  2 Meeting spaces for social & intercultural initiatives (100 m2 & 40 m2)
-  Open ”ateliers” (pottery, textile, bicycle & motorcycle repair shop, carpentry)
-  Private artists’ studios
-  In town: 4 offices & training spaces of counselling & job training projects

Social and artistic disciplines image 200 x 129

-  Visual arts: production & exhibitions
-  Music: studios, concerts
-  Dance: production, performances, festivals
-  Theatre: production, performances
-  Radio: co-operation with free radio station in Vienna, 30 minutes once a week
-  Multimedia: production
-  Video: production
-  Cinema: irregular avant-garde programme

-  Open Workshops
-  Resident associations (social & intercultural initiatives)
-  Magazines
-  Children’s cultural programme
-  Artists residencies
-  Recording audio and videos studios
-  Books editing
-  Artist education/training programmes
-  Centres for Senior Citizens
-  Women’s Centre
-  Kinder gardens and schools
-  Counselling and job training projects for unemployed young people

Other structures/organisations resident on the site image 200 x 131

About 130 resident groups, initiatives and individuals work in seven autonomous units: music, theatre/dance/movement, painting, workshops, children&young adults, social issues&initiatives, intercultural initiatives.

Financial support

Local support: Vienna Cultural Department,
Vienna Employment Promotion Fund,
Vienna Integration Fund

Regional support: Vienna Labour Market Services

National: Arts Section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery,
Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs

EU: European Social Fund

Own income in the budget: ca 20%

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