Geographic focus: Mediterranean (the countries on the north shore from Portugal to Turkey, and on the south side from the Near East to the Maghreb.

The Roberto Cimetta Fund is an international association promoting artistic exchange and the mobility of professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and visual arts within the Mediterranean area.

Activites :

In collaboration with the European Cultural Foundation, the Roberto Cimetta Fund has set up a programme for awarding individual travel grants. These cover travel and visa costs for trips such as attending professional cultural network meetings, workshops, artist’s residences, festival, symposiums etc. The programme is intended to operate simply, flexibly and quickly. Selections are organised regularly (every 5 to 6 weeks).

The Roberto Cimetta Fund organises professional platforms for comparing experience and knowledge on regional artistic issues in the Mediterranean.

Travel Grants for whom :

- The travel grant programme is addressed to all professional artists, cultural operators or technicians working in the fields of contemporary performing arts, visual arts or cinema in the Mediterranean (the countries on the north shore from Portugal to Turkey, and on the south side from the Near East to the Maghreb.

- European professionals may apply but only if their project has a strong Mediterranean connection.

- The Roberto Cimetta Fund travel grants are individual - they are granted to specific individuals and not to organisations. The application must therefore be filled in and sent by the person desiring the grant. We can accept several applications linked to the same project (participants for short term training events, for example), but the selection will be based on the merit of each individual personally : he/she must clearly describe their career path, motivations and personal objectives.

The mobility programme supports travel which is linked to exchange and to forthcoming projects.

Travel grants for which type of project?

- The trip should facilitate networking, cooperation and exchange between professionals in the arts:

- The experience should indirectly contribute to local cultural development.

- The project should demonstrate a sense of continuity.

ATTENTION : Travel grants are not available for trips linked to production or touring : the Fund does not finance travel in the framework of the actual production period or travel linked to the touring of work.


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