Geographical area: Mediterranean region

Goals and adminnistration
The aim of the Fondation René Seydoux is to develop and strengthen ties of solidarity linking all the countries in the Mediterranean region.Its activities focus on initiatives fostering exchanges, goodwill and cultural, social and scientific cooperation between the Mediterranean peoples

Its principal function is that of a catalyst for ideas and projects linked to concrete action and original ventures, which the Foundation endeavours to promote. It also enters into partnerships with other organisations pursuing aims similar to its own.

Furthermore it gives support by participating in initiatives devised and proposed by other groups with objectives coinciding with those of the Foundation.

Lastly, the Foundation acts as an information centre, providing advice and establishing networks between the social and cultural players in the Mediterranean sphere.

A private organisation, the Fondation René Seydoux was officially recognised by a decree issued by the French Prime Minister in 1980. It is directed by a Board, with Jérôme Seydoux as Chairman.

Fondation René Seydoux
21 rue du Sommerard
75005 Paris - France
Téléphone : + 00 33 (0) 1 53 10 24 34
Fax : + 00 33 (0) 1 53 10 87 12
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