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Name of the responsible structure: Board of Directors of NPAK (Armenian acronym)
Type of structure: Non for profit Foundation/NGO
Profile of the initiators of the project NPAK has been founded by Sonia and Edward Balassanian (Armenians from New York). Sonia Balassanian is a poet, and well-known video and installation artist in the US. Edward Balassanian is an Architect and PHD in Urban Planning.
Continent: Europe
Country: Republic of Armenia
Address: 1/3 Pavstos Biuzand Blvd., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +3741 56.82.25, 56.83.25, 56.02.18
Fax: +3741 56.02.16
Contact: Sevada Petrossian, Coordinator of Architecture Department

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The “Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art†(ACCEA or “NPAK†in Armenian acronym) is a Non-Governmental Organization operating in Yerevan.

ACCEA was initiated in the summer of 1992, and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in Yerevan, Armenia and New York, USA in 1994. All donations to the ACCEA are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by the law.

ACCEA started its activities at a centrally located rented space in 1996, which, later, on February 22, 2002, by a Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, was provided to ACCEA free of charge and for unlimited period.

The physical facility was formally inaugurated on April 25, 1996, with a group exhibition of Armenian avant-garde artists, symbolically celebrating the resurrection of the Armenian nation.


The Center for Contemporary Experimental Art has been created with following objectives:
1. To encourage and facilitate uninhibited expression and creativity of Armenian contemporary and avant-garde artists.
2. To support the process of search, discovery, and conquest of “new frontiers†in the arts.
3. To facilitate creation and presentation of experimental art by Armenian artists, at home as well as at international fori.
4. To counteract commercialization of art, and to replace market criteria by intellectual and emotional determinants.
5. To create partnership between Diaspora Armenians and the art com­munity in the Republic of Armenia in support and promotion of the Armenian arts and literature.
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Above mentioned objectives are envisioned to be realized by:
1. Creation of adequate space for presentation of experimental works of Armenian contemporary artists.
2. Presentation of contemporary international art (fine arts, cinema, theater, dance, poetry, etc.) in Yerevan.
3. Creation of multimedia reference library of printed matter as well as audio and visual material.
4. Creation of Armenian artists’ directory, including biographical information, and audio-visual record of samples of their works.
5. Organization of specialized meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.
6. Provision of grants, scholarships and financial assistance to contemporary artists.
7. Creation of artists’ co-operative for sale of works of contemporary artists.
8. Facilitation of international interaction and exposure of Armenian artists through:
  • Establishing professional contact with foreign art critics and specialists.
   • Establishing relations with foreign artists and exhibition of their works in Armenia.
   • Facilitation of presentation of Armenian art at international exhibitions, festivals, fori, etc.

Former use: Has been constructed as performing center, but had never been used as such before.
Surface of the site : 1,418 m2
Location: Center of Yerevan, Capital of Armenia
Foundation year: 1992
Type of occupation: Long term lease
Owner of the building : Government of Armenia

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Rehearsal studios
Production studios
Several different size exhibition halls
Theatre hall
Art gallery/exhibition places
Library/documentation center
Conference hall
Multimedia spaces

Disciplines and activities

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See the programmes of residency : Amar Artist Residency Program - Armenian centre for contemporary art - Yerevan and Project Space Yerevan

- CONTEMPORARY THEATRE: Design and production of experimental theatrical performances, sometimes of multimedia nature.

- AVANT-GARDE MUSIC : Concerts and performances

- ROCK MUSIC : Concerts and performances / Rock concerts and marathons

- ARCHITECTURE : Special, topical exhibitions related to experimental aspects of architecture

- VISUAL AND MULTIMEDIA ART : Organization of avant-garde exhibitions of visual arts: Installation, performance, video art, electronic arts, etc.

- STREET PERFORMING ART : Organization of MULTI-MEDIA PUBLIC ART and CONCERTS in the square adjacent to the Center

- CINEMA/AUDIOVISUAL : Production and presentation of video art, sometimes of multimedia nature.

Financial support:
Contributions from benevolent persons and organizations.

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