Kunst-Stoffe is a collection and distribution center for scraps and trash that can be creatively reused for art and culture. Materials such as fabric, paint, metal, wood, tiles, plastic, foam, cardboard, etc. that are of no further use or value to their owners are collected in our warehouse where they are made available to artists, cultural, educational and social organizations. By that, Kunst-Stoffe stimulates creativity and environmental awareness.

Identification Operation Process Organisation
Date of creation: 1 October 2013
Last update: 1 October 2013
  • Legal statute association
  • Creation date of the legal structure 2006
  • Current ownerCorinna Vosse
  • Nature of the current property public
  • Terms of occupation short term lease
  • Statement of the current project The Berlin-based organization Kunst-Stoffe - Zentralstelle fà¼r wiederverwendbare Materialien - e.V., founded in 2006, is dedicated to an artistic, aesthetic and sociological exploration of reuse and second hand culture. It maintains a large collection of used, discarded and surplus materials (for example fabric, colour, cardboard, metal, wood, foam, foil, plastics..) and makes them available as a sustainable resource for creative upcycling.

    Unwanted reusable items are donated by businesses, individuals and organizations throughout the Berlin area and gathered in our warehouse where artists, teachers, social projects and creative workers enjoy the large variety of items and the small prices of our changing inventory that invites to discover its hidden treasures.
    By that, Kunst-Stoffe stimulates creativity and environmental awareness
    • Waste Reduction:
    • Cultural Development
    • Supporting Creativity:
    In addition to facilitating the logistical process we are a platform and a creative facility for artists and activists relating to the subject of sustainable development. Further, we offer educational programs and workshops for different target groups. We accept or collect materials from business and private households and give it away for non-commercial purposes, on the basis of donations.
  • work - artistic , cultural and social practices - Disciplines Anyone can use our services, e.g. get materials or use the workshops.
    Our studio is temporarily being used by our artists-in-residence whose work relates to issues of waste, resource management, sustainable development, consumerism.
    Along with that we provide exhibition space and support in producing exhibitions.
    We produce and host events like discussions, exhibitions and screenings around issues of sustainable development.
    We offer Open Workshops:
    • Woodworking; metalworking; modeling; working with fabric
    Kunst-Stoffe offers educational trainings and opportunities:
    • Workshops and projects of Kunst-Stoffe connect ecological education and creativity: Works of art, designed objects and utilitarian objects are arising from material scrap and waste of productional processes which would be declared as useless trash if we wouldn´t use them.
    • Seminars
    • Materials for ecological education
    Further, we have special offers for schools and kindergardens:
    Workshops where children can explore the inspirational value of the material collection and learn simple techniques for making / repairing / designing things to their liking.

    Kunst-Stoffe offers a Repair Café once a month. Repair Cafés are free meeting places and they're all about repairing things (together). In the place where the Repair Café is located, you'll find tools and materials to help you make any repairs you need. There are repair specialists such as electricians who help the visitors to repair their electrical appliances. Visitorsbring their broken items from home. Together with the specialists they start making their repairs in the Repair Café. It's an ongoing learning process. If you have nothing to repair, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Or you can lend a hand with someone else's repair job.

    Kunst-Stoffe also helps supporting environmentally friendly mobility in the city and develops, builds and rents cargo bikes on favourable terms.
  • short & medium duration Residence(s) yearly artists in residencies (visit: one till two months)
  • affinity network(s) Kunst-Stoffe collaborates with a large number of organisations and individuals who are concerned with issues of sustainable development. A link list can be found on www.kunst-stoffe-berlin.de.
  • Spatial current organisation Total surface of the site : 600 square meter
    6 warehouse areas with different assortements
    1 individual studio
    3 workshops for wood work, metal work and craftswork office
    Showroom / meeting space
    1 office
  • Former useold Building of local district administration