Geographic focus: international.

The Rockefeller Foundation is a foundation with a commitment to enrich and sustain the lives and livelihoods of poor and excluded people throughout the world.

Activities :

- Creativity & Culture : To give full expression to the creative impulses of individuals and communities in order to enhance the well-being of societies and better equip them to interact in a globalized world.
Goal: recovery and reinvention of cultures through museum exhibitions, preservation of traditional art forms, cultural-heritage and folk-life projects, and community-arts projects, as well as efforts to promote cultural policy.
Support for media and performing artists through fellowships.
Promotion for the invention of new modes of interaction among artists across divides of class and culture; and it promotes a deeper understanding of the interactions between technology, culture and society.

Geographic focus: the United States, Southern and Eastern Africa, Mexico and Central America, and Southeast Asia.

The Foundation continues its efforts to ensure that smaller, underrepresented cultural and arts groups and vulnerable communities in New York; the launch of a state-of-the-art dance-theater space that puts new technologies in the hands of artists; the development of the profile of African and African Diaspora music.

Fax : (212) 852-8438

Program for Media Artists

Mission: to provide financial, promotional and professional assistance to media makers and to encourage the production, distribution and exhibition of independent media in all forms.

Three distinct components, each awarded annually:

- The Film and Video Fellowships support media artists in the U.S. working in the broad categories of Documentary, Narrative, Experimental or Video Installation. Each of the 14 Film and Video Fellows is awarded $35,000.

- The New Media Fellowships support media artists in the U.S. whose work centers around interactive, dynamic media, including, but not limited to, such computer-mediated forms as web art, robotics, virtual reality, biotechnology, interactive installations and software art. Each of the 6 New Media Fellows is awarded $35,000.

- The Media Arts Fellowships in Mexico support Mexican media artists working in Documentary, Narrative, Experimental, Video Installation or New Media. Each of the 6 Media Arts Fellows in Mexico is awarded $20,000.

In addition to providing Fellowships, the Program promotes the artists and their projects maintaining this website and publishing books and newsletters profiling the Fellows and their projects, providing expertise, advice and resources.

Public: Artists may be at any stage of career development, from emerging makers to those well-established in their careers.

Type of support: fellowships.

Geographic focus: U.S. and Mexico.

Contact: The Program for Media Artists is a program of National Video Resources.
Address: 73 Spring Street, Suite 403 New York, NY 10012
E-ail :
Website :

The Multi-Arts Production Fund

Mission: to encourage creative approaches to new work in the performing arts, to foster work in the performing arts that explores the dynamics of contemporary culture and to support a diversity of artists and arts organizations.
The MAP Fund is an annual program.

Procedures : In 2004, the MAP Fund will provide $1 million in grants ranging from approximately $15,000 to $50,000. Funds will support up to 40 projects by US-based non for profit organizations undertaking the commissioning, development and/or production of new work in theater, music composition, dance, puppetry, opera and interdisciplinary performance.
Proposed projects must be for a new work that has not been previously produced, except in developmental workshops..
The deadline for applications is March 27, 2004.

Application form: can be downloaded on the website.

Public: US-based non for profit organizations only that have been in existence for at least 2 years.

Contact: Multi Arts Production Fund at Creative Capital
Address: 73 Spring Street, Suite 401, New York- NY 10012
Tel: (212) 226 1677

Special Program: Bellagio

The Bellagio Study and Conference Center, located on Lake Como, Italy, provides a calm environment for creation in which scholars, scientists, artists, writers, policymakers and practitioners from all over the world may pursue their creative and scholarly work.

From February to mid-December, the Center offers one-month stays for 15 residents at a time in any discipline or field and coming from any country who expect a publication, exhibition, performance or other concrete product to result.
The Foundation provides room and board without charge for all residents and workshop/team participants. Some travel assistance is available for those from developing countries who qualify.

Procedures: to present a concrete project in relation with caracteristics in its field of activity.
Applications are available on the Foundation Web site or can be requested by fax at (212) 852-8130.

Type of support:

Technical assistance

Public :

Non governmental organizations

Procedures :

First of all, send a brief letter of inquiry addressed to the director of the subject area of interest (through postage or e-mail).
The letter can be sent throughout the year and should describe: issues the proposed project would address; information about the organization’s experience in the field; estimated budget for and expected duration of the project; and qualification of key personnel involved in the project. Please do not send attachments.

If you are applying to a competitive program under the Creativity & Culture theme, please check the Web site or contact the program for deadlines and application forms.


Address : 420 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10018
Tel : 212.869.8500
Website :

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