Geographic focus: international

The Japan Foundation is an organization which carry on activities for international cultural exchange and thereby to contribute to the enhancement of world culture and the welfare of mankind.

Activites :

- Cultural and Arts Exchange:
Cultural Demonstration Tours Support Program: for projects related to Japanese culture carried out abroad (demonstrations related to performing arts, workshops and demonstrations in such life-culture arts: flower arranging, tea ceremony, the games of shogi)
Public: individuals
Restrictions: less than one month (duration of the project).
Dead line for appliance: the 15th of the month that is three months before departure from Japan.

Support Program for Community-Based Exchange between Japan and Europe: for a better international mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Europe (including the countries of the former Soviet Union), activities in such fields as culture, education, social services and welfare, environment, and international exchange
Public: non for profit organization
Restrictions: less than one month (duration of the project).
Dead line for appliance: the 15th of the month that is three months before departure from Japan.

Support Program for Asian Grass-Roots Cultural Exchange: Projects whose main purpose is carrying out exhibitions or performances with the objective of a mutual interaction and other fields for the content of the project.
Public: Non-profit organizations in Japan
Deadlines: December 1, 2003 (for projects to be held between April 2004 and March 2005
May 6, 2004 (for projects to be held between August 2004 and March 2005)
September 1, 2004 (for projects to be held between December 2004 and March 2005)
Average grants (average grants: ¥500,000)

Cultural Cooperation in Asia Grant Program: to promote Cultural Vitality in Asia through conferences, workshops, seminars and training programs (preserve, document or increase public access to culture, sustain the vitality of artistic traditions...)
Public: Non-profit organizations such as universities, research institutions, NGO/NPO, libraries, museums, or archives that are located in one of the countries listed below.
East Asia: China, Korea, and Mongolia
Southeast Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam
South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

Applications from Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania may also be accepted, but only for projects that focus on Asia and that contribute toward dialogue and mutual understanding in the Asian region.

The Japan Foundation Fellowship Program: fellowships to scholars, researchers, and artists involved in activities overseas in order to build international networks and to promote exchange in the humanities, social sciences and the arts.
Public: individuals
Duration: More than one month and less than one year

- Visual Arts:
Exhibitions Abroad Support Program: support to exhibitions introducing Japanese art and culture abroad.
Public: museums and organizations abroad (Applicants should be based in the country in which the exhibition will be held).
Procedures: maximum amount of grant will be ¥1,000,000 in general.

Exhibitions in Japan Support Program: introduce foreign art and culture that are planned and executed by Japanese museums and organizations, and shown in Japan.
Procedures: maximum amount of grant will be ¥1,000,000 in general.

- Performing Arts:
Performances Abroad Support Program: outstanding Japanese performing art (drama, music, dance, ethnic performing arts) groups who present performing arts overseas.
Public: groups or organization.

Invitational Performances in Japan Support Program: for domestic groups that receive performing art groups who will perform in Japan.
Geographic focus: groups from ODA-recipient nations and the countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Performing Arts Japan ("PAJ"): introduction of outstanding Japanese stage performances in the United States.
Public: non-profit organizations.

- Publication and Audio-Visual Exchange:
Film Festivals in Japan Support Program: support to international film festivals, exhibitions, and activities in Japan introducing foreign movies, video works, TV programs, and other moving pictures.
Public: groups, organizing committees.

Film and TV Program Production Support Program: for the production of films, TV programs, and other audio-visual materials that serve to further an understanding of Japan and Japanese culture abroad.
Public: Organizations with knowledge and proven experience in the field of film-making.

- Japanese-Language Education Overseas

- Japanese Studies Overseas and Intellectual Exchange

Type of support:

Technical assistance

Procedures :

Application form : contact the Japan Foundation Offices. If the Japan Foundation has no office in your country, contact the nearest diplomatic mission of Japan. Completed applications should be submitted to the same place.
You can also download the application form on the internet but we do not accept applications through the Internet or by E-mail, you need to contact the appropriate agency in advance, and submit in this agency.
Conditions for appliance will change after 2004.


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