Name of the responsible structure: NICA - Networking and Initiatives for Culture and the Arts
Type of structure : non-profit independent artist run space.
Profile of the initiators of the project : artist run institution, not registered (not permitted by law)
Continent : Asia
Country : Myanmar (Burma)
Address/tel/fax : Yangon, Myanmar
Contact : jay koh(director)


NICA is an independent not-for-profit resource development centre for culture and the arts.
Established in early 2003 and located in Yangon, NICA has 2 main objectives:
(1) to identify and support those aspects of arts and cultural practices within Myanmar that are in need of resource-building to facilitate their development and
(2) to facilitate access and exchanges between Myanmar arts and cultural practitioners with counterparts, organizations and opportunities outside Myanmar.

Activities and Objectives:

- International Networking & Resource-sharing Programmes
In order to address the lack of contact, interaction and access on the part of Myanmar art and cultural practitioners with and to their counterparts, information, knowledge and opportunities from outside the country, one of NICA’s primary objectives is to facilitate exchange, collaboration, networking and resource-sharing between Myanmar arts and cultural practitioners with those from neighbouring regions and internationally. We encourage and actively invite local and international artists, writers, historians, educators and organisers to come into Myanmar to share knowledge and resources, and to engage in creative exchanges and collaborations with Myanmar artists, writers and cultural participants.

NICA seeks to connect the Myanmar practitioner to the various discourses, activities, practices and organizations outside.

Infrastructures / Facilities

NICA’s Facilities:
Office, resource and reference library, archive, exhibition and activity spaces, IT training capacity, studio space, kitchen, accommodation for artists and writers-in-residence.

Social and artistic disciplines

NICA’s programmes are divided into 3 categories:

- Residency, Research & Development and Training Programmes within Myanmar/Burma;
- International Networking and Resource
- sharing Programmes and General Programmes/ Services.
See website for more information

Financial support:

Funding have to be sourced every 6 to 9 months


Nica is now managed bi IFIMA- International Forum for InterMedia Art based in Singapore and Malaysia

IFIMA is an international cultural organization committed to:

- promoting art as a cultural activity in which the creative process contributes towards people’s developmental needs on an interdisciplinary platform

- forging collaborations, networking and resource-sharing across disciplines, and across cultures

- promoting discourse across disciplines and sectors so as to build engagement amongst co-participating communities in arts and cultural activities

- curating and organizing art and cultural events which respond to specific cultural contexts

- devising and facilitating context specific training and resource-building programmes with aim of promoting self-management by arts communities

Modified on Monday 16 January 2006