Geographic focus: international.

Civil Society Development Foundation works for democracy and civil society in countries closed, or inhospitable, to these principles.

Activities :

All fields of activities.

Type of support :

The Foundation doesn’t help financially the projects.
The Foundation assists projects by promoting them, helping them to constitute a team, to find foreigners sponsors.
Countries: Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
China, Japan, Mongolia, and Koreas
Central and Eastern Europe
Eurasia (Russia and 11 former Soviet republics, including five of Central Asia)
Latin America and the Caribbean
Middle East and North Africa
Southeast Asia
South and Southwest Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa
U.S. and Canada
Western Europe

Public :

- Independant organisations.


Address : Sofia 1000,
42, Ivan Vazov Str.
Tel/Fax: (+3592) 877 724, 819 134, 808 595
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