Geographic focus : Netherlands and developing countries.

Rabobank Foundation mission is to contribute to the humanisation of society and to equitable distribution of welfare and prosperity.

Activities :

- Netherlands: social development of disadvantaged groups (rehabilitation or reintegration, education, activities for disabled people for example).

- Rest of world : access to financial services for disadvantaged people, solidarity and support, institutional developments

N.B: The foundation can support projects in a variety of ways.

Type of support:

- Grants

- Technical assistance

Public :

- Individuals

- Cooperatives or member-based organisations

Procedures :

Project requests are often received through the local Rabobanks. Contact foundation on how to apply for funding.
Languages accepted: Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German.


Addess : Croeselaan 22
3521 CB Utrecht
Tel.: +
Fax: +
Email: n.p.munk@rn.rabobank.nl
Site web : www.rabobankorganisatie.nl/ssr
Contact : Ineke Derkzen, General Project-Coordinator

Modified on Friday 6 February 2004