Geographic focus: Bulgaria and international.

Open Society Foundation aims at promoting, helping develop and sustain the values, attitudes and practices of the open society in Bulgaria, and supporting Bulgaria’s integration into United Europe from a broad civic perspective.

Activities :

- Culture : elimination of the state monopoly and cultural protectionism, supporting contemporary processes in Bulgarian arts and culture.

- Education : support for university with scholarship and secondary school with training for teachers.

- Public Health : promoting health care to everyone and specially for disabled and disadvantaged people.

- Human Rights/Citizenship : political, economic and social equality between men and women, civic participation, human rights.

- Integration in the European : to support and speed up Bulgaria’s integration into the European Union.

Regional, national and international projects with the 30 Open Society Foundations located all around the world, including Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Type of support :

- Competitions

Procedures :

Calls for proposal
Financial supports are established through a contract between the Foundation and the laureate, with a 2 month period on a trial basis during which one the laureate must give a written report on results and organisation of the founds.

Official application form: to present to the Foundation all year long , excepted in january, august and december, but no later that 45 days before the beginning of the project..

Public :

- Individuals

- Institutions


Address : 56, Solunska Str.
Sofia 1000
Phone: (359 2) 930 6619
Fax: (359 2) 951 6348
Executive Director: Mrs. Rayna Gavrilova

Modified on Wednesday 18 February 2004