Geographic focus: Regional, national and international projects in collaboration with the 30 Open Society Foundations in the world, covering Central and Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia.

Open Society Foundation is acting in a wide field of activities concerning the development of an open society.

Activities :

- Education

- Public health

- Human Rights

- Economy

- Media and Communication

- Arts and Culture

- Programme « Arts and Culture Network » :
Profiles : artistic director, cultural administrators, artists, working for a state institution, a municipal or private without profit goal.

Residence and working place: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia, Mongolia, Caucasus.

- Programme Arts and Culture :
*Bridge of Understanding : for a cooperation between artistic organisations through Central Eurasia, Mongolia, Caucasus.
*Capacity Building :for the development of human and financial resources of artistic institutions, through Central and Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia and Caucasus.
*Cultural Link : for a cooperation between professionals and for the development of artistic and cultural projects, for the organisation of debates, the inauguration of experimental, innovative artistic forms, for the introduction of a cultural politics.
*Cultural Policy : for the development of a legislative and fiscal politics for various institutions, NOG....
*Mobility Fund for Central Asia, Caucasus, and Mongolia : for the promotion of information and resources through the region.

Type of support:

- Scholarships

- Grants

Public :

- artistic cooperation

- cultural politics

- Institutions

- local communities

- individuals


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