Geographic focus: national, european and international.

The purpose of the Foundation Kà¶rber Stiftung is to help shape the future of our society.

Activities :

- Science : *competitions about scientific research for german students and foreigners
*le Kà¶rber Prize (750.000 euros), promotes cooperation between European scientists. Fields of natural science, medicine and technology.

- Arts : *the International Opera Studio, competitions for young singers
Type of supports : two years grants
*the Boy Gobert Prize, for the actors from Hamburg.

- Education : History competitions for students.
Type of supports: prize (250.000 euros).

Remarks :

The Foundation organizes meetings for the cultural and social development:

- conferences for people over 50 ("Haus im Park" Citizens’ Centre)

- cultural activities (Theatre Haus im Park)

- theatre workshop for students (School Drama Festival)

Contact :

Address : Kurt-A.-Kà¶rber-Chaussee 10
21033 Hamburg
Tel.: 040/7250 2457
Fax: 040/7250 3645
E-Mail: info@stiftung.koerber.de
Site web: www.stiftung.koerber.de

Modified on Thursday 5 February 2004