Geographic focus: national and international (contacts in the USA and many places in the world).

Jerusalem Foundation aims to strengthen, promote and enhance a free, open, pluralistic and modern society in Jerusalem and elsewhere.

Activities :

- Arts and culture : develop its own distinct and vibrant cultural commentary, encourage artistic, musical, theatrical and literary creativity.
Public: major cultural institutions along with up-and-coming artists.

- Youth and education : educational programs and trainings to fight against intellectual poverty.

- Society : to enlighten and resolve problems concerning the young, the mentally and physically disabled, the elderly, the chronically ill, and the homeless, to help to close the gap between isolated and varied religious and cultural groups.

Type of support :

- Grants


Address : P.O.B. 10185
Jerusalem 91101
Tel. +972-2-675-17ll
Fax: +972-2-673-4462
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