Geographic Focus: Spain and international, where La Caixa operates.

Fundacià³ ’La Caixa’ aims at filling social, educational, scientific and cultural gaps by making proper use of its resources and creating programmes that are geared to the needs of society and the improvement of the quality of life.

Activities :

- Social projects : *to support centres and activities for senior citizens as well as social care projects designed to alleviate the consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and to prevent AIDS
*to prevent social marginalisation and to boost progress in developing countries
*to bring new technology into the lives of senior citizens and into schools, to improve communication for those groups

- Science and environmental projects : to promote science and the environment with science museums in Barcelona and Madrid.

- Educational projects : to assist specialised schools of Nursing and Computers, and ’Educalia’, the virtual educational community; also postgraduate grants.

- Cultural projects : art and photographic exhibitions and concerts; to include the latest in avant-garde trends; to educate young children about art and music is another priority for the foundation.

- Minorities Activities : *Evenings of Cultural Debate : meeting place where people can discuss and analyse cultures.
*Funadacià³ Privada Catalana Akwaba in Hospitalet de Llobregat: to help the children of immigrants living in the town.
*Apatam Multicultural Games Library : to offer games from different cultures to children, to explain the composition of multicultural neighbourhoods, so as to eliminate discrimination.
*Identities and Culture : lectures that attempt to analyse the identity crisis of marginalised cultures, and to seek solutions.

Type of support :

Educational/training programmes
Public awareness campaigns

Procedures :

Languages Accepted: Spanish and local languages.


Address : Diagonal, 621
08028 Barcelona
Tel.: +34.93.404.6141
Fax: +34.93.404.6048
Site web :
Contact : Antoni Aliana Magri, Deputy Director General

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