Geographic Focus: Europe, with focus on the Mediterranean, areas historically influenced by Portugal, and Japan.

Fundaçà£o Passos Canavarro mission consists to preserve historical and cultural heritage by ongoing conceptual updating; to apply research on different scientific levels, in a development perspective; and to promote the practice of democracy.

Activities :

- Art : preservation and rehabilitation of cultural and historical heritage

- Science : research in a range of subjects, including history, art and sociology

- Democracy : seminars, conferences and debates

Type of support:

- Conferences/seminars

- Grants

- Publications

- Research

- Scholarship

Procedures :
Languages Accepted: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.


Address : Largo da Alcà¡çova, 1-2
2000-110 Santarém
Tel.: +351.243.32.5708
Fax: +351.243.32.5710
Site web :
Contact : Pedro Canavarro, President

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004