Geographic focus: Portugal, Europe, Portuguese-speaking African countries, Brazil and East Timor, Armenian communities worldwide, and international.

Fundaçà£o Calouste Gulbenkian aims at supporting charitable, artistic, educational and scientific endeavours.

Activities :

- Public health and human development : hospital services and equipment, preventative medicine, child care and welfare of the elderly.
Type of support: grants, conferences, workshops, programs.

- Education : general development of both children and adults (public libraries in provincial towns, publishing of university text books and classic works printed in the Portuguese language, as well as historic, scientific and visual arts books, which can be found in French, English or Armenian language editions).

- Arts : visual arts, architecture, archaeology, history of art, theatre and cinema, music (The Music Department manages three resident artistic groups - the Orchestra, Choir and Gulbenkian Ballet; organises the music season (October - June); and promotes annually the Contemporary Music and Ancient Music Festivals).
Type of support: grants and fellowships.

- Science : medicine and biology, expansion of science culture in Portugal, scientific research, ties between science and culture.
Type of support: grants, training, promotion.

- Preservation of Portuguese cultural heritage outside of Portugal : promotion of Portuguese culture, translation into foreign languages of works by Portuguese writers, also provides fellowships and travel grants to foreign postgraduates for developing Portuguese cultural studies.

Type of support :

- Conferences/seminars

- Equipment

- Publications

- Research

- Scholarships

- Student aid

Procedures :

Languages Accepted: Portuguese, French, English and Armenian.


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Contact : Carlos Baptista da Silva, Secretary to the Board of Trustees

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