Geographic focus: Regional, national and international

The Freudenberg Stiftung aims to contribute to the overcoming of social exclusion and the strengthening of a democratic culture of everyday life in schools, youth work, and society by innovative models of action.

Activities :

- Humanities

- Science

- Education

Three main areas:

- Cultural minorities : *social integration and job integration of children and youth of non-German origin;
*the quality of life of immigrants, refugees, and excluded minorities;
*a dialogue between the German majority and cultural minorities.

- Youths : professional orientation and preparation for an occupation, vocational training.

- Work for the mentally ill : organisation models which provide opportunities for gaining additional income and part-time work, protected departments in companies, integration services, interventions in the area of further educational training, initiatives which contribute to reducing the stigmatisation of mentally ill persons.

Type of supports :

- grants

- workshops

- conferences

Public :

- Associations

- Organisations

Procedures :

No application forms or specific rules for applications.
Applications are to be sent to the Freudenberg Stiftung (submitting an application by e-mail is not possible).
Deadlines : 15th of April and the 15th of Octobre.

Contact :

Address : FreudenbergstraàŸe 2
69469 Weinheim/BergstraàŸe
Tel : +49 62 01 - 1 74 98
Fax : +49 62 01 - 1 32 62
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