Geographic focus: Italy and abroad.

Compagnia di San Paolo is an active member of civil society, pursues aims of public interest and social use, in order to foster the civil, cultural and economic development of the community in which it operates.

Activities :

- Scientific research : focuses on support for basic research and the popularisation of science, experimentation of new technologies.
Type of support: grants.

- Education : university research and training, supporting schools involved in the reform process (development of activities, multicultural education).
Type of support: grants and scholarships.

- Art : disseminate, conserve and enhance cultural heritage:
*Conservation and valorisation of civil and religious monuments
*Organisation of shows and events: relationship between the citizen and artistic heritage, for restoring works, for revising studies and promoting new research, for a new cultural appraisal of an author or a current, of an artistic school
Public : public and private.
* Research and Training: studies and research on history and art
Type of support: grants and scholarships.

- Culture : cultural institutions, own projects (to broaden the individual’s and society’s cultural horizons in music, dance, theatre, cinema and photography, archives and libraries, literary and historical-philosophical disciplines).
It promotes youth-oriented activities, and those of authoritative training bodies and production centres, makes annual calls for applications regarding festivals and seasons.
Activities: theatre and music.
Public: leading organisations and other organisations.
It supports cultural events in books and literature, as well as events for young people.
Type of support : grants.

- Health : optimisation and reorganisation of health services, building hospital facilities, fight against diseases.

- Welfare : preventing phenomena of exclusion, socio-assistance policies, care for the elderly.

Type of support :

- Grants

Public :

Only to non profit organisations.

Procedures :

To submit an application, please refer to the information for grant seekers menu.


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Tel. +39 0115596911.
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