Geographic focus: international.

Bernard van Leer Foundation vision is of a world that respects the rights, dignity and equality of children, their families and communities; a world that enables young children to develop their innate potential to the full.


- Grantmaking programme : aimed at developing culturally and contextually appropriate approaches to early childhood development.

- Sharing of knowledge and expertise : in early childhood development, with the aim of informing and influencing policy and practice.

Type of support :

- Grants

- Program development

- Publications

- Technical assistance

Public :

Public, private or community-based organisations are eligible.
Grants are only made for projects concerned with the development of children aged 0 to 8 years in socially and economically disadvantaged circumstances.

For the period 2002-2006 the Foundation has grantmaking programmes in:
- Europe : Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Israel, Turkey.

- America : Brazil, Colombia, El Savador, Mexico, Trinidad and
Tobago, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Jamaica, USA.
- Africa : Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe.
- Asia : India, Indonesia, Thailand.

Procedures :

Before any application form, send only a brief outline with basic information, that includes:

- information about the organisation

- the project’s objectives, strategies, beneficiaries, scope, location, and duration;

- the overall budget and the amount required

The brief outline can be sent to:
Bernard van Leer Foundation
P.O.Box 82334, 2508 EH The Hague, The Netherlands
Fax: +31(070)350 23 73

There is no deadline for the submission of grant applications.


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