Geographic focus: international.

American Express Foundation main objective is to develop a philanthropic program.

Activities :

- Cultural heritage : Protects the natural and built environment, and supports arts and culture as representative of national, regional and local cultures.

- Economic independence : Targets initiatives that encourage financial stability and self-reliance.

- Community service : Encourages assistance, volunteer services.

- Minorities activities : Promotes cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication through: *bringing visual and performing arts projects to large audiences
*increasing accessibility to the arts and helping organisations develop new audiences
*providing arts education for young people
*preserving historic and cultural assets, natural sites and parks
*encouraging innovative collaborations

Type of support:

Educational/training programmes
Employee volunteering/technical assistance

Procedures :

To apply for funding, prepare a hard copy proposal in the form of a letter, no more than two to three pages in length.

Languages Accepted: English.


Address : 3 World Financial Center
200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10285-4804
Tel.: +1.212.640.4649
Fax: +1.212.640.0326
Site web :
Contact : Cornelia W. Higginson, Vice-President

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004