Geographic focus: in the Arabic world.

The A.M. Qattan Foundation aims to advance the cultural, educational, and scientific development of the Arabs in general and the Palestinian people in particular, as well as the preservation of their cultural heritage.

Activities :

- Educational research : to assist Palestinian teachers in acquiring new skills and improving their knowledge base, to encourage positive social values: open, professional, and democratic debate; collaborative research and team work; openness to the innovative ideas of educators in the world...

- Children : to develop activities, library, access to technology/information...

- Culture and Science : to support a number of young artists and creators to reach new stages in their development.
In 2004: new module in the audio-visual arts (results by the end of March 2004 on the website).

Type of support: grants and prizes. In 2003: total value of $147,500.
In 2004: a total commitment of $225,000.

Procedures: General parameters: Originality, novelty and creativity, non-discrimination, potential ability to introduce Palestinian and Arab societies to cultural and educational issues in other countries of the world, and the peoples of other countries to Palestinian and Arab culture.

*Music: scholarships.

*Theatre and the Performing Arts: 1) Production Grant: to a company of dancers, actors or musicians towards the development or production of a show/play or musical performance.

Procedures: applications must be typed in Arabic+ curriculum vitae of the main members of the applying group, legal status of the group, detailed description of the project, production plan, budget in US Dollars, detailed financial plan with documents proving that at least 30% of the project’s budget is available to the applicant, press cuttings, a sound recording and/or video in PAL VHS format of a previous show by the group or any one of its members.
Applications: sent to the AM Qattan Foundation office in Ramallah by 31 March 2004.
Final decision: before 15th May 2004.
Contact: Adania Shibli, adania@qattanfoundation.org.

2) Study Grant: theatre or the performing arts (dance, choreography, acting, directing, as well as technical areas such as lighting, set-design, sound, visual effects or make-up etc...).

Procedures: The winning candidate will be required to commit him or herself to returning after their studies or training to work for at least a year in Palestine in their field.
Applications must be typed in Arabic+ curriculum vitae, letter of acceptance, Three letters of recommendation, detailed description of the study/training programme including the reasons that made the applicant choose it...
Applications: sent before 30th April 2004.
Final decision: before June 30th 2004.

Type of support: maximum of $8,000.

*Literature: Production grants (Short-Story and Poetry Awards 2004, Novel Award and Award for the Best Play 2005).

Type of support: grants, total allocations: ($11,200).

*Visual Arts: a) The Hassan Hourani Young Artist of the Year Award 2004: plastic arts, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation art etc.
Contact: Adania Shibli, adania@qattanfoundation.org.

Type of support: prizes, first-prize winner will receive $6,000, second prize winner $4,000 and the third prize winner $2,000.

Procedures: bi-annually competition.
The candidate must be between 22 and 30 years old (born between 1/1/1974 and 31/12/1981)+ volume, variety and originality of his or her work.
Documents: curriculum vitae, recent good quality photograph, text of a maximum of 1000 words expressing the applicant’s artistic programme (previous works, work(s) of the artist in the future...), Reference letters, copies of five previous works.
Contact: Adania Shibli, adania@qattanfoundation.org, for the form.
Application: 31 January 2004.
Final decision: 28 February 2004.

Restrictions: Applicants must have at least one Palestinian parent and may be resident anywhere in the world.
The participating work may not have been previously exhibited or published.

b) Exhibitions and Art workshops: exhibitions, young artists, overseas artists and writers.

Type of support: grants.

*Audiovisual arts: a) Census of the Palestinian Audiovisual Industry : to support the audio-visual arts.

Type of support: material needs, funding, technical issues, training etc.

Procedures: the results of this program will be published by the end of March 2004 and the funding modules a few months later.

b) Publishing and documenting Palestinian films: for audio-visual works by Palestinians or on Palestine (related to film history and criticism).

*Al-Qattan Journalism Prize: Three Prizes For Excellence in Newspaper Journalism.

Procedures: Participants must be under 35 (born after 1/1/1970) and have one Palestinian parent.
Further information at a later date.


*Residencies: a) Art residencies in Palestine and overseas: hosting of local and foreign artists at its guest house in Ramallah.
Contact: Adania Shibli (adania@qattanfoundation.org.).

b) Hosting overseas guests from the arts : to organise visits by overseas artists or professionals.
Stays: one month max, with workshops, seminars or lectures.
Contact: Adania Shibli (adania@qattanfoundation.org.).

*Guest house: residencies for local and overseas guests working in culture, education or the arts, for individuals working with the Foundation or with related organisations during their stay in Palestine. During their stay, guests must be engaged in activities that clearly benefit the local community.
Contact : Ziad Khalaf, ziad@qattanfoundation.org.

Procedures: requests three months in advance.

*Other Activities: Please consult the web site for the latest news.

Type of support:

Technical assistance

Public :



Address : Omar Al-Qattan
Culture and Science Programme
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Fax: + 44 207 581 07 41
E-mail: omar@uk.qattanfoundation.org
Web page: www.qattanfoundation.org

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