Triangle Arts Trust initiates and facilitates an international network of artist led workshops and residencies which engage audiences through public events and exhibitions.

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Triangle arts Trust

Triangle Arts Trust is a UK registered Charity, established by Robert Loder and Anthony Caro in 1982. The Trust currently has four main areas of provision: exhibitions, residencies, studio accommodation and an ongoing programme of international artists’ workshops in various countries including South Africa, India, UK, Venezuela, and Trinidad.

Triangle is organised as a network of organisations and artists-led workshops. Through its activities, the Trust encourages experimentation, artists’ mobility, exchange, and fresh thinking with an emphasis on process and professional development. The Triangle Network now has workshops on a continuing basis in over 20 countries and there are 9 associated studio buildings offering international residencies, exhibitions, education programmes and off-site events. Each centre is independent and is set up to respond to local needs.

The Triangle Network is constantly expanding through artists-initiated activities and now includes over 2500 artists who have participated in international workshops, residencies and exhibitions over the past two decades.

Triangle Network Websites

North America. South America. Caribbean

KmO, Bolivia (in Spanish) (
Batiscafo, Cuba (in Spanish)(
Triangle, France (in French) (
Caribbean Contemporary Arts (Big River Workshop), Trinidad (
Vermont Triangle Vermont, USA (
Triangle, USA (
La Llama, Venezuela (

Europe. Africa. Middle East

Thapong, Botswana (
Wasla, Egypt (
Kuona, Kenya (
Tulipamwe, Namibia (
Aftershave Workshop, Nigeria (
Bag Factory, South Africa (JHB) (
Greatmore, South Africa (CT) (
Rafiki, Tanzania (
Ngoma, Uganda (
Gasworks, UK (
Braziers, UK (
Insaka, Zambia (
Rockston, Zambia (
Surprise, Zimbabwe (

Asia. Oceania

Burragorang, Australia (
Britto, Bangladesh (
Khoj, India (

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