FEMEC - Forum euroméditerranéen des cultures
Pierre Lefèvre - secrétaire général
BP n°31 - 5 place de Rungis - F-75013 Paris
Phone number: 33 / 145 894 514
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If culture is the interweaving of differences, inter-disciplinarity, transversality and mobility have today become its watchwords.
In the complex and contrasted space of the Mediterranean area, the everyday commitment of cultural professionals is a tough wager. Ending isolation, exchanging information, sharing ideas regarding contemporary issues, taking common action seem essential.
The Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Cultures (FEMEC) was thus established in 2002, following an initiative of the “Culture†group at the Euro-Mediterranean Civil Forum in Marseille, in 2000.

The Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Cultures is a Euro-Mediterranean platform of professionals.Its interdisciplinary structure brings together individuals and institutions involved in the performing arts, publishing, the visual arts, the humanities, the educational sector and journalism.

- It strives to push truly contemporary cultural exchanges to the very heart of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, working both with government-run institutions and agencies and the non-governmental sector;

- It provides support to cultural actors concerned about their independence, in particular when their freedom of creation or expression is threatened or their mobility curtailed;

- It is a service for all cultural actors seeking partnerships, advice and information;

- It is an open meeting place.

The Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Cultures :

- shares information useful to cultural operators in the Mediterranean area;

- remains alert, in a constant and collegial fashion, to the initiatives undertaken by various levels of government in the realm of culture, within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership;

- calls attention to the viewpoints and proposals of civil societies in the field of cultural projects decided upon in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership;

- organises local and Euro-Mediterranean meetings focusing on contemporary cultural issues;

- draws support for its activities from a whole network of member organisations, primarily in Beirut, Casablanca, Cairo, Ramallah, Rome and Tunis.

Board and Administrative Council :
Paul Balta (Paris): Honorary President;
Ahmed el Attar (Paris/Cairo): President;
Ridha Tlili (Tunis) and Roger Heacock (Ramallah): Vice-Presidents;
Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes (Paris): Secretary General;
Jean-Paul Chagnollaud (Paris): Treasurer;
Giovanna Tanzarella (Paris): Vice-Treasurer;
Odile Chenal (Amsterdam), Reem Fadda (Ramallah), Gerarda Ventura (Roma), Nathalie Galesnes (Roma), Ghassan El Ezzi (Beiruth): board members.

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