The residential art centers and programs around the Baltic Sea started to cooperate at the turn of the millennium by meeting each others and as a result the Baltic Sea Residency Network was officially launched in 2000.

The artist-in-residence activities have been a rapidly growing policy within the arts policy in many countries during the last years and there is a rich variety of residencies represented in the network. The need for cooperation and exchange of ideas between residency organizations around Baltic Sea goes back to the Ars Baltica cooperation ever since late 80’s. 

 The Baltic Sea Residency Network is an open structure offering its members an efficient tool to communicate with each other and to spread information on their residential arts centers and programs for the artists all around the world. The network organizes periodic meetings gathering together all those interested in developing Artist-in-Residence activities within the area, giving a chance to discuss issues of common interest and e.g. to find partners for bi- and multilateral projects. An important part of the communication takes place through the website, produced by the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation (FASF). 

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