Name of the responsible structure: Instant coffee
Type of structure: Artist collective
Profile of the initiators of the project: artists, curators, writers, designers
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Address/tel/fax: @workplace, 103, 35 liberty street, Toronto, M6K 1A6.
T: 416.532.7139
Website :
Contact :

Instant coffee - Toronto


Instant Coffee is a service oriented collective of artists, writers, curators, designers and code writers. Together they have developed a practice that culminates in bringing together large numbers of artists, designers, musicians and other cultural producers under loosely themed events. They offer networking services that promote local, national and international activities and publish a monthly on-line magazine, Instant Coffee Saturday Edition. In conjunction with their events, they also publish bookworks, posters and other multiples. Instant Coffee’s most consistent members are Jinhan Ko, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, Jon Sasaki, Cecilia Berkovic and Timothy Comeau.

Instant Coffee developed, in part, as a response to the division and exaggerated difference between studio and exhibition practice. It wanted to offer its community a public place of practice, where ideas, materials and actions could be explored outside of the isolated studio and away from formal exhibition structures, but still supported by a critical discourse or at least offer the potential for one. From the beginning this need for a public place of practice was extended to a variety of disciplines, such as design, music and writing. In creating a space about work outside conventional modes of production, Instant Coffee privileges the relations built on the stuff of work, while also moving the notion of work toward a discussion of the social. "Instant Coffee: it doesn’t have to be good to be meaningful."

Modified on Monday 26 July 2004