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EFAH is a forum for policy monitoring and discussion.

Its aim is to maintain continuous dialogue between the cultural sector in Europe and policymakers.


Identify the needs of the European artistic community and communicate those needs to European policymakers.

Stimulate thought on cultural policy issues in Europe and develop a shared awareness.

Build bridges between the European cultural sector and policymakers at the various political levels in Europe, thereby contributing in the decision-making process.


EFAH is made up of organisations established according to the laws of their countries of origin and private individuals who are professionally involved in the field of arts and heritage in Europe.

EFAH works as a network : EFAH activities are launched and developed by its members, who contribute and share their experience, know-how, and energy.

EFAH organisation and general logistics are handled by the Co-ordination Office in Brussels.

The Members

Membership to EFAH is open to any cultural organisation in Europe that seeks to subscribe to the aims of the association. There are currently 75 members (networks and organisations). They include a large number of artists, administrators and professionals working in the field of arts and heritage in Europe.


EFAH was created in 1994 as an international association under Belgian law. Since then, the Forum has organised over 15 international meetings all over Europe. It has actively contributed to debates on cultural policies in Europe through its position papers, studies, publications and continuous dialogue with policymakers.


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