Trans Europe Halles

TransEuropeHalles is a stimulating platform for exchange, support and
co-operation between its members The network of TransEuropeHalles brings
together a great diversity of independent, multi-functional and
multi-disciplinary cultural centres, located throughout Europe.

The TransEuropeHalles centres are established at the heart of former
productive or commercial spaces whose original functions have been abandoned
and redirected towards the conviviality and creativity of today’s artistic
and cultural practices.

Each of the organisations in the TransEuropeHalles network is distinguished
by its own unique environment, organisation and project. However, their
teams all share the same spirit of support for young artists, new talents,
innovative approaches and emerging cultures.
The projects undertaken in the TransEuropeHalles centres are positioned at
the interface between the social and artistic fields, involving themselves
in local contexts while developing international perspectives. The member
centres of TransEuropeHalles pay close attention to new forms of artistic

Yet similar approaches began to multiply and are still multiplying all over
Europe, in answer to the growing demand which younger generations have
expressed for intermediate, flexible, liveable spaces.

Factories, warehouses, covered markets, dairies, slaughter houses or
barracks are remodelled into open spaces: the TransEuropeHalles centres
offer places for production and creation, presentation, training and social

ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs is member of Trahs Europe Halles.

Contact information:

- Birgitta Persson

Trans Europe Halles
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