Geographic focus : Poland and Central and Eastern Europe (exchange programmes only).

Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi (Rural Development Foundation) aims at developing the economy and society of rural areas and small towns by reducing unemployment, preparing rural youth for the modern labour market, and improving rural education.

Activities :

- Micro-loan programme : to reduce unemployment in rural areas.
Type of support: financial and technical assistance.
Public: former state farm employees, rural youth, farmers and entrepreneurs.

- Rural infrastructure development programmes : environmentally-conscious investments, sewage systems, equipment.
Type of support: financial help.

- Training programmes : *Business development (small and medium-sized enterprises)
*Rural tourism (for prospective operators)
*Environmental protection (to local authorities and individuals)
Type of support: workshops, training.

- Youth Programmes : *Canadian-Polish-Ukrainian youth exchange programme (developing skills in response to the modern labour market, encouraging entrepreneurial attitudes and understanding cultural diversity, democratic values and international development)
*Youth-community-environment (new skills for young people, leadership, group work, reaching goals)
*Theatre project ARCHIPELAG (for rural youth aged 15-20, to encourage positive thinking about their lives through a series of drama workshops).

- Culture: local heritage.

Type of support:

- Grants

- Educational/training programmes

- Public awareness campaigns

- Technical assistance

Public :

- Small and medium-sized enterprises

- Infrastructures

- Organisations

- Individuals

Procedures :

Application forms can be obtained from the foundation’s office.

Languages accepted: polish or English (for international project).
Restrictions: activity is restricted to the territory of Poland except exchange programmes designed in agreement with a foreign partner.


Address : ul. Bellottiego 1
01022 Warsaw
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Contact : Piotr Szczepanski, President

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