Geographic focus: Europe and two neighbouring regions: Balkans and Mediterranean region.

The ECF is Europe’s only
independent, non-national and pan-European cultural foundation. Running
its own programmes and awarding grants keep it close to the grassroots
cultural sector, and make it a credible advocate of strong cultural
policies for Europe.

The ECF is particularly sensitive to projects that nurture young people’s craetivity and artistic collaborations which have a social aspect.


- MOBILITY: Move freely and easily cross borders to gain inspiration and stimulate innovative creative connections.
- MEDIA: Nurturing young people’s creativity and creating a shared space for journalists to debate the European issues of the day
- ARTS: Shaping and being shaped by society. Dealing constructively with difference.
Exploring the social dimension of art.


The ECF Grants scheme has changed. From now on, there will -be two separate funding lines, individuals as well as organisations can apply for certain grants, and the application process is much simpler - no more form-filling!

The two separate funding lines are:

- Making collaboration work grants for cultural organisations: This funding line is about stimulating collaboration between cultural organisations. Projects will be assessed specifically on their collaborative nature and the added value they bring to the practice of cultural cooperation in Europe.
Who can apply? cultural organisations
Deadline: 1 April 2008
Maximum grant: €30 000

- Artistic project grants: This funding line supports artistic projects that show vision in illuminating the issues of diversity in Europe. Projects will be assessed specifically on their artistic quality.
Artistic uniqueness and European relevance are the main selection criteria.
Who can apply? cultural organisations AND individual artists
Deadline: 1 September 2008
Average grant: €15 000 - €25 000


For individuals:

- Step Beyond: Mobility grants for artists, cultural operators, journalists, translators and researchers travelling within wider Europe, including Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

- Jump in!: Work placement scheme to see ethnic minorities better represented in cultural organisations across The Netherlands.

- Roberto Cimetta Fund: Travel grants for artists in the Mediterranean Region. These cover travel and visa costs for trips such as attending professional cultural network meetings, workshops, artist’s residences, festival, symposiums etc.

- Milena Jesenka Fellowship programme: Grants for European journalists working in print, broadcast and electronic media to give them time off from their professional duties in order to pursue in-depth research on a European topic of their choice.

For small to medium sized cultural organisations:

- ECF Grants programme: For cross border cultural cooperation in the EU and Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine and Zwitserland. NGOs from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia are also eligible if these work together with partners from countries as listed above.

- Balkan incentive fund for culture: Special funding opportunities are offered to artistic and cultural organizations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo/a, Montenegro and Serbia.

- EPIM Grants: The ECF is part of a consortium of foundations that has set up EPIM (European Programme for Integration and Migration). EPIM aims at strengthening the role played by NGOs active on migration and integration issues.


- ECF Princess Margriet Award: the award will highlight outstanding contributions by individuals and organisations across Europe, while demonstrating that artistic encounter and creativity are vital elements of cultural diversity.

- Cultural Policy Research Award: open to young -35 or under- academics, researchers and policymakers. The award stimulates academic research in the cultural policy field. The proposed research should assist cultural policymaking by offering possible policy solutions to the cultural issues it analyses. A long-term goal is the development of a network of young cultural policy scholars.

- Prix Europa is an annual competition for the best European radio, television and internet programmes. It was set up by the ECF and the Council of Europe. Prix Europa invites the makers and producers of the best European television-, radio- and Internet productions to Berlin for a week of festival and competition.

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