Geographic focus: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Ekopolis Foundation provides financial and non-financial support to civic organizations that are involved in environment and sustainable development.

Programmes supported by the foundation :

- Alternatives to nuclear energy: To contribute to the progressive transition from state substituted nuclear power plants to wider usage of renewable energy sources and measures for effective energy using.

- Amber Trail: Activism of local people and municipalities towards tourism development in their region.Not focused primarily on granting, but also on the implementation of practical activities related to sustainable development of selected Slovak regions through tourism. The program offers a variety of activities - providing advice and leading our partners methodically, financial and non-financial support or providing services of travel agency along the ancient trail.

- Block Grant TSD ENGO: Increasing the participation of environmental NGOs in addressing challenges related to the sustainable development in Slovakia.

- Greenways: Planning and realization of trails for active life-style and motor-less traffic in local partnerships.

- Environmental programme: To enforce systemic changes in environmental protection and transparency in decision-making processes and implementation of sustainable development principles.

- Green belt: to create, reconstruct or restore ecologically valuable localities or trails serving schools and the broader public.

- Living Trails: supports the careful renewal of the High and Low Tatras, and development of recreational and educational functions of the Tatras’ environment. Financial support is directed towards restoration and improvement of tourist trails, educational paths and public spaces used by tourists.

- People for trees: to draw people’s attention to and involve citizens in improvement of the environment through greenery-planting.

- Public spaces: Involvement of citizens in their environment improvement, increasing their participation in public affairs and strengthening their communities.

- Active citizens’fund: Public policy making with citizens. For example when citizens comment on or even develop policies, regulations, rules, programs, strategies or alternatives.
Legal changes: civic engagement in legal changes at different levels that will improve the position of citizens in the society and will reflect interests of citizens on particular issues.


Type of support:

Non financial support


Civic organisations

Procedures :

Please check on the website for the call for proposals and the deadlines.


Address : Komenskeho 21, 974 01 Banska Bystrica,
Slovak Republic
tel:/fax: 00421-48-4145259
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e-mail: ekopolis(at)ekopolis.sk
Site web : www.ekopolis.sk
Contact : Peter Medved - Director,
e-mail: medved(at)changenet.sk

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