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The Evens Foundation would like to invite applications from candidates for the fourth Evens Prize for Intercultural Education. The Evens Foundation prize is awarded to a project (or organisation) that has contributed to the integration of European citizens in the field of intercultural education, and has demonstrated determination and creativity. The Foundation calls upon a committee of independent experts to choose the prize winners. The prize can be conditional, if the jury decides so, and consists of a sum of 25.000 € for the laureate, 10.000 € for the second and 5.000€ for the third prize, as encouragement for the work undertaken. A further financial injection is envisaged in the second year.

The selection criteria

-  Projects active in the field of intercultural education that have made an important contribution to the development of harmonious relations in mixed regions.
-  Projects involving at least two EU members*
or candidate member countries*.
-  Projects with a long-term vision and an innovating social influence.
-  Projects that benefit a substantial number of people and preferably directed towards more than one target group, e.g. youngsters, teachers, parents ... and between the majority and the minorities.
-  Projects that recognise the dynamics in cultures.
- Projects in their implementation phase in order to allow for evaluation.

Projects not eligible:

-  Projects not operating in the sphere of intercultural education.
- Local or national projects.
-  Projects that only benefit small or single groups and/or with a marginal long-term effect
-  The funding of occasional events or the support of administrative costs.

How to apply

Any organisation wishing to submit an application for a project that fulfils the criteria stipulated by the Foundation should send an initial proposal of two to three pages containing:

-  A short introduction of the organisation and partners.
-  A summary of the project’s objectives along with details of the target group.
-  A brief outline of the project.
-  The name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the project co-ordinator.


If the project qualifies for consideration the Evens Foundation will contact you before February 2005 for more detailed information.

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The Mission of the Evens Foundation

Putting in the centre, the “OTHER†, the Evens Foundation promotes "tools" in all disciplines that improve the dialogue between human beings, combat any form of discrimination, detect potential conflicts, try to intervene in a courageous way and develop the sense of responsibility, both individually and collectively.

For more information on the Evens Foundation, her mission and the former Evens Prizes please visit www.evensfoundation.be

Intercultural Education

The focus on intercultural education projects lies with the linkages between people, groups and institutions. These linkages are important because diversity is an inherent part of modern societies. The recognition of the dynamics in culture is of utmost importance to the Evens Foundation.
“Intercultural Education†wants to enhance the skills to function efficiently in the multiform societies in Europe such as they are and as they evolve.

The meaning of education can be reduced to “learning†which takes place in the school environment and which does indeed play a very important role in our societies. We prefer however to understand intercultural education in a broader sense, as active learning to deal with racism, social and cultural diversity. Issues of ethnicity are only one dimension of the way in which “intercultural†is being used. In our focus on the schools and the school environment, we like to emphasize initiatives and processes that enhance inclusive education.

- Evens Prize 1999
1) Country Boxes-project of the Centre for Integration Foyer (Belgium)
2) A Classroom of Difference of CEJI (Belgium)
3) Europe Mocks Racism of the Asociacià³n Nacional Presencia Gitana (Spain)

- Evens Prize 2000
1) “Ordinary-Extraodordinary†interactive exhibition of Stichting Vredeseducatie (NL)
1) CLIM (Cooperative Learning in Multicultural Classes) of Steunpunt ICO (Belgium)
2) MEQ-DECET Network: Education Without Prejudice in a European Perspective (Belgium)

- Evens Prize 2003
1) Roma Mainstream Media Internship Program of the Center for Independent Journalism (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania)
2) Vlaggen & Wimpels of De Veerman (Belgium)
3) Swedkid of Umea University (Sweden)

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