Geographic Focus: Bordering regions of Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The Carpathian Foundation is a cross-border Network of regional foundations that focuses primarily on inter-regional and transfrontier activities, economic and community development.

Programmes sustained by the foundation :

- BRIDGE: Finacial and technical assistance to organisations located in remote rural areas, which develop serious and interesting ideas but are not structured enough to reach European funds.

- Carpathian educational fund: increase opportunities for the communities living in the Carpathian region, with the priority to improve young people’s lives, to enhance inter-generational relations, to help help adults’ education, language learning, libraries...

- Carpathian Scolarship programme: 5 year-long bursaries to be given to young people living in the Carpathian region who have excellent results but cannot access to studies for financial reasons.

- Corporate Social Responsibility "The way it Works": in order to improve economic development and social cohesion by expanding the involvement of the corporate community in building a civil society, and responding to environmental issues in the Carpathian Region.

- European citizens’ panel: a bottom-up European civil initiative model that engages citizens from regions of Europe to deliberate on policies that affect rural areas. In the panels, citizens map the problems of their own settlement and micro-region, debate on rural issues, create a vision and make concrete recommendations to their respective policy-makers.

- Projects by country: please click here to check the projects supported by the foundation in the different Carpathian countries.

Type of support :

Technical assistance

Procedures :

Information on deadlines and calls for proposals can be found on the website.

Languages Accepted: Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Ukrainian and English.
Restrictions: No grants for individuals or profit-making organisations.


Mailing address : Szarvas tér 1. 3300 Eger, Hungary
Tel: +36 36 515 182, 515 183
Fax: +36 36 516 751
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