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We are artists and communities interested in art in nature.

We believe that art in nature implies respecting nature, not using or abusing it for the sake of art. We think that this respect implies a specific creation for each site. We feel that this approach might be one way to involve a very large part of the population that has not so far been interested in the "object oriented" traditional presentation of art in museums, galleries, and public spaces. Art in nature is
one of the areas of art where the famous "new public" can at last be accessible.

Many artists and communities in the world have been creating and progressing along these lines in the past few decades. Their efforts (our efforts), have brought an increasing consciousness of this approach to art making to the population at large. As an organisation, we already represent a significant number of artists and communities in the five continents.
So far, prior to the establishment of Artists in Nature International Network, our encounters have been based on personal affinities, friendships, and individual networks which have allowed only a limited number of artists to encounter a limited number of organisers of events and vice versa. We believe that there is a need to open and broaden these networks into a large platform of encounter. We expect this platform to not only help all those who are already active in this field to know each other, but also to encourage and reassure those communities who are interested to create new events.

To achieve this, we needed both an organisation and an efficient communication tool. We have been meeting since December 1998 to refine our ideas, and created a non-profit association in April 1999, and consequently confirmed our structure and goals at the end of June 2000.

The tool we chose in May 2001 as our principal form of communication is a web site which links to the web pages of members, artists and organising communities. A Forum and a Newsletter will allow both discussions and exchange of information between members.
The site has been developed and is accessible from December 2001 as

We are open to visual arts, performance, music and written media as long as they are site specific.
Being non-profit oriented, all our activity is based on benevolent active members.

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François Davin
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