The Alliance of Artists’ Communities, a nation-wide consortium and professional organization for the field, advances the role artist communities play in the evolution of new ideas and art. Through communication and service to our members, national advocacy for creative environments, and a belief in the power of the creative process, the Alliance operates on the premise that the future of American culture depends on supporting creativity and a broad diversity of artists. Our membership includes professionally run artist communities, other nonprofit organizations that support artists in the development of their work, and individuals.

The Alliance now includes 100 organizational members and 200 individuals. The Alliance continues to accept new members who provide artists with time, space, facilities, and a community environment in which to create their work. For more information on membership and services see the members page at this site or call at + 1 401-351-4320.

History: The Alliance of Artists’ Communities grew out of the MacArthur Foundation’s 1990 program entitled "Special Initiative on Artists’ Colonies, Communities, and Residencies." The eighteen recipients of grants under this one-time program began meeting in early 1991, then formed the Alliance in September of 1992 with seed money from the MacArthur Foundation and the NEA.


Alliance of Artists Communities
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