The cultural non-governmental organisation Majazé and Arterama - a society of services for the Arts, which runs the space Majazé presents VideoDanza Film Fest, in June 2005, the 1st edition of an international video-dance festival in Catania, Sicily [Italy].

1_ The project

Thinking and observing dance through the traditions involved into territory. An interface between local and global, folklore and experimental research, the contemporary dance goes into the memory of the body in order to face with the problematic of the verbal language and so the question of the identity. How articulate the relation between the digital language of video and the fundamental corporal condition of human beings? How the artistic process of a choregrapher is influenced by the territory he works in ?

From Africa to Asia, from Europe to America, the video will be for seven days a media to explore and cope with the contemporary choregraphic creation.

Promote and decentralize from the European capitals the videodance material already existing are the main goals of this festival. Through the support of the municipality of Catania and of the Province of Catania, and thanks to the input of the most important European resources centers for video-dance, this event will make possible establishing a strong platform and sharing this material with countries around Mediterranean and its counterparts.
This platform will be concretised through the creation of a permanent video library in Catania.

2_ In Cantiere

In addition, within the section In Cantiere, the festival will propose encounts about the thematic of the contemporary choregraphic creation and its relation to the territory in order to explore artistic and cultural contexts, as politic and social contexts. Several activities will occure during the week:
- Seminars during every video projection in order to present the videos within the environment of their country of production.
- Lectures by researchers in dance and international personalities to lead the reflection about the relation between choregraphic process and territory.
- Workshop opened to professional and non-professional persons to contribute to a better understanding of the movement about the question of human beings and space.
- Residence for dance companies and final presentation of a work-in-process. The residency will offer the opportunity to give depth to our reflection, by proposing an encount between the audiences and the artistic process.

3_ Call for participating 2005

This call is sent to choregraphers and video artists from all over the world. Its goal is to gather videos dance, of any date, created by artists from the five continents and whose research can be linked to our questionment about the relation between artistic creation and space.

Some artists we would have selected the video work, could be invited in Catania for this first edition of the festival in June 2005, in order to participate to one of its sections- the residency, the workshop, or the seminars. The selection would occure before the 30th of April to elaborate the whole video programmation of VideoDanza Film fest Catania 2005. Nevertheless, the non-selected videos could be kept by Majaze for creating the permanent video library.

Participating at this project gives artists the opportunity to show their work within an international event, and in a long term perspective, to be involved into the Mediterranean area from Catania, through their archiving in the video library.

Choregraphers and video artists have to send a VHS or DVD copy of the vidéo, with a short text of presentation of the work, the title, year and country of production, the last, precise captation or video creation, the names of the choregrapher, technical leader, dancers and also the music sources and name of the production company.

Fullfil the attached application form, and the authorization letter to give Majaze the right to have a public use of your video.

Important : in case of a collective work, every author should fullfil a letter and sign it.

Deadline to send a video for participating to the festival: 31st of March 2005 (according to postal mark)

Deadline to send a video for participating into the creation of a permanent video library in Catania: NO DEADLINE.

Documents have to be sent to :
Majaze- Magazzino culturale
VideoDanza Film Fest
Via Ursino, 6
95131 Catania

Contacts :
Claire Buisson
Velia rovato
Telephon :+39 095 74 70 110
Fax :+39 095 74 77 052

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Application Form
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