In this collaboration project are the three artists Popok Tri Wahyudi, Hedi Hariyanto, Ali Umar and two architects Joko Purwanto and Eko Prawoto involved. They work together with the villagers of Rogocolo, Desa Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul. This concept of this project is based on the minim concern of the availability of public space that can be used by children. The artists and architects create a playground for children from 5 till 10 years supported by the villagers, some local companies and the sugar factory Madukismo.

The design for this playground tries to challenge the motoric developments as well as the creativity and fantasy of the children. The playground will be build from natural and local materials and the aim is to open up a discussion on the necessity and responsibility of public spaces for different groups in the society.

The design and the documentation process of the project will be shown at Cemeti Art House, from the 7th till the 31st of July 2005. We hope to welcome you to the launching of the playground at the end of August.

Saturday, August 27th 2005, 3.30 pm
Venue : Dusun Rogocolo, Kelurahan Tirtonirmolo,

Kecamatan Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta


Finally, a PLAYGROUND, or play arena, for children of the village Rogocolo (Tirtonirmolo sub-district, Kasihan district, Bantul regency) has been realized. This children‚s playground, constructed by artists, or more precisely through art discourse, may be claimed as public art media. Unlike the murals, the art of painting walls, in Yogyakarta which has been snatched up by industrial commercialization, this play arena will certainly appear as a new icon, a unique multi-faceted unification of general public and private authority, individual and collective mass creativity, education and expression of the freedom to play, commercialization and investment of human resources for the city and rural areas.

This simple idea arose from artists coordinated by Popok Triwahyudi (painter), and involved sculptors Hedi Hariyanto and Ali Umar, architects Joko Purwanto and Eko Prawoto. They observed that the conditions of play spaces for children are a small, but vital part of an ideal ˜public space ˜ which often becomes the initial victim of industrial commercialization or development infrastructure under the name of modernization. Meanwhile, our birth statistics, humming with child growth, continue to soar.

This activity was initiated with socialization and community discussions amongst the residents of Rogocolo through the existing organizational community infrastructures, such as LKKMD and the women‚s auxiliaries (PKK and DasaWisma), with the artists, Cemeti Art House and the Madukismo Sugar Factory, as the land owners. These discussions produced an agreement and a working plan which was exhibited in a curated public art project, „Choose Your Own Public‰, by Popok Triwahyudi and Arie Diyanto, last July at Cemeti Art House.

On Saturday, 27 August 2005, at 15:30, with grateful hearts, we officially opened the playground for the residents of the village Rogocolo (Tirtonirmolo sub-district, Kasihan district, Bantul regency). On behalf of all participants, Art House Cemeti would like to express their gratitude to the primary sponsors: The Social Foundation for Indonesia (Yayasan Sosial untuk Indonesia, YSIK, Mrs. Wati / Capung of Jakarta, and donators: Mr. Dunadi, Ms. Ndari, Mr. Djoko Pekik, artists of Spectrum Yogyakarta, Cemeti Art Foundation, and the Lurah of Tirtonirmolo and the administration section of the development division of the Bantul regency.

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Note: Cemeti Art House has provided digital photo documentation or the entire process of formation and materialization of the public art project Playground, which can be accessed for publication.

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