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INTERZONA associazione culturale
via Santa Teresa 16 Verona 37135
Tel. +39 045.505005 Tel/fax+39 045.8485461
site of the festival :

1 May ­- 31 May 2003

INTERSEZIONI, a festival of workshops, exhibitions, meetings and concerts, will be held through the whole month of May, in several locations all around Verona. It will aim at many different targets, like employing disused and underused locations having a strong historical and cultural meaning and waiting to be completely refurbished.

A city is a cultural meeting point, a multilayered experience made of enrichment, desertion and identity loss.

Since time out of mind art is looking for references anywhere; it crosses boundaries, it intersects itself, it gives and takes inspiration in other art forms... renewing its tradition, experimenting new languages. Going further.

Holding a magnifying glass over the texture of this fabric, INTERSEZIONI will try to discover these knots and to lay bare art and the city.

INTERSEZIONI VERONA FESTIVAL will blend visual art, writing, documentaries recordered in video, stage actions and sounds, trying to create an annual event where the genuine contact with the audience and the search for contents will prevail on the consumer aspect of culture.

INTERSEZIONI will be a festival open to the city and to the exchange between Italian and international artists, between art forms and cultures, but will also involve anyone feeling the need to live the city as a place for experiences and fun. It will be a festival for anyone enjoying searching and experimenting and it will appeal to people of many different ages.

The festival will revolve around the round shape of the Stazione Frigorifera Specializzata, and from Interzona will spread across Verona through the collaboration with several urban meeting points (associations, private clubs, public places, bookshops, art galleries, civic halls and others...)


Date: from 1st May to 31st May 2003.

The main THEME SECTIONS will be:

- A) Music: modern and contemporary sounds

- B) Visual arts: sculpture, comic book art, aereosol art and video screenings

- C) Literature: visual words

- D) Architecture: a conference and an exposition on a project aiming to refurbish a disused building, now an international cultural centre

- E) New media: from 3d animation to the Web

- F) Children workshops and projects

Where the festival will be held:

- Stazione Frigorifera Specializzata and some other Warehouses of the former Magazzini Generali

- Castel S. Pietro

- Arsenale

- 4 squares or other major sites in the suburbs

- Town¹s gates and ramparts (Porta Palio and San Zeno ramparts)

- Schools and colleges

- Art galleries

- Headquarters of several clubs and associations

- Civic halls

- Etc.

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