Carte Blanche is a festival of interactive art and boozecooperativa as
its host becomes an Open ART LAB and the artists create. Not in their labs, not in their seclusion, but dynamically, interactively alongside with the public.

There have been 5 previous carte blanche projects so far.
Carte Blanche I March 2004, Carte Blanche II June 2004, Carte Blanche III January 2005
Carte Blanche IV “La decision absolue†March 2005, Carte Blanche V “Le chiens vagabonds †2006.

Carte blanche was firstly organized on March 2004 where a crazy idea escaped the head and entered the realm of reality. A group of artists decided to take art a step further. Live art, for 45 days, Boozecooperativa became an Open ART LAB for the first time for the painters to create, interactively alongside with the public. The second project was Carte Blanche II on June 2004, and this time 15 artists enter the void. In the three story 1847 building there is art in the making everywhere. The public and artists all mixed up. Creation overwhelms boozecooperativa again. The third carte blanche, Carte Blanche III on January 2005, was still untitled but 18 artists decide to experiment Greek, French, Slovenian. Digital prints, installations, paintings. The idea is evolving ready to take the next step.

From this moment on the projects have titles and themes. So the fourth one, Carte Blanche IV was entitled “La decision absolue†on March 2005 and Carte Blanche acquires a form, an identity for the first time.
“Decision Absolue†: an artificial woman Markella who has gone through gender transition, poses, interacts, performs. 35 painters, photographers, video artists and comic artists work live for 45 days. They present their view on the painful procedure of the terminal decision of gender transition. Their focal point, Markella , who has experienced the long , full of agony path of changing identity; an absolute transformation of no return. Alongside with conversations in the presence of scientists (Gewrgios Veltsos, Pagwna Papagewrgaki and psychiatrists), for the subject analysis through the concepts of philosophy, medicine and psychology while the surgical operation is being projected. After their completion the projects are exhibited in the Carte Blanche IV exhibition.

The previous one, Carte Blanche V was entitled “ Le chien
vagabond †on February 2006 and lasted from 20 February to 13 April. It was a visual consecration to the stray dogs and the wandering thought.46 artists gathered from all over the world from the realms of:

- photography,

- painting,

- sculpture,

- video art,

- performances,

- installations.

At boozecooperativa art crawled on the walls, watered the floors, dove in the sewers even. This time Carte
Blanche had its own mascot created, the little dog, which gets printed on cups and t-shirts. Carte Blanche has become an international event of free public art. The two stages were: 20 February-20 March "The creation of the crafts for all to see" The crafts are created at Booze which for 30 days is used like an open laboratory
with direct participation and intervention of the public. Everyday from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. and 20 March - 13 April “The exhibition†After their completion the projects are presented in an exhibition for 23 days.


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