Location : Kulturzentrum Schlachthof - Bremen - Germany

Artistic Discipline : performing arts (theatre, dance)

Description of the event

Since 1994, the International Youth Theater Festival EXPLOSIVE! has been giving theater-groups from European and Non-European Countries the chance of presenting their productions to a young and youthful-minded audience.

Groups from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, the United States, and South Africa as well as from various German cities have made their appearance on stage since then and have been welcomened by an interested and exited audience.

Young and talented amateurs at the performing arts are introduced, who either work with professional direction or have found innovative, self-dependent ways of expression all on their own. They need not heed the traditions of classical language-, dance-, or musical-theater. Instead, their approach should point to new ways of performing. Productions developing strategies against social and ethnical discrimination are of special interest, as well as those which envelop the existential questions of adolescence and bring them to artful expression.


- an international platform for the exchange
of working methods in youth theater

- a meeting place and a platform for an exchange
of young people about their individual living situations

EXPLOSIVE! offers:

- a chance for the local youth theater scene to
be inspired by new ideas and perspectives

EXPLOSIVE! 9th until the 27th of September 2005
The new programme will be available from July 2005.

Closing date for registrations March 2005.
Application material please sens as or by post:

Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
28215 Bremen
Contact: Barbara Hirsch,
Phone: 0421-377 7513,
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