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Name of the responsible structure : Maitena de Amorrortu
Type of structure : private, familiar
Profile of the initiators of the project : artistic family
Continent : South America
Country : Argentina
Contact : Maitena de Amorrortu


Built in 22 years, without plans, like a children that builds castles in the sand, the place is the perfect spot for artistic inspiration. The project tends to gradually start receiving international artists, for them to find the privacy to create their own projects. In the first step it will offer one house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a toilet for being used by a couple of artists.

Former use : private, family residence
Total surface of the site : 12 hectars
Location : suburbs (half an hour from the city of Buenos Aires)
Foundation year of the centre : 1982
Type of occupation : purchase
Owner of the building : Francisco de Amorrortu

Infrastructures / Facilities

In the first step a house of three bedrooms and a studio is available.
The house has more than 200 m2, divided in three floors. A complete kitchen laundry, a toilet, two bathromm with shower, three bedrooms and a two rooms studio on the top of the house.

Social and artistic disciplines

As the space doesn’t develop any artistic activity, but the art that is around, it intends to host artist of any discipline. It is not plan to make an artistic centre of the place by the moment, only to host artists, privatly.

Other structures resident on the site

Three other family houses are on the site.

Financial support


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