The Sacatar Foundation is a nonprofit corporation registered in the United States.

Contact :
Sacatar Foundation
PO Box 2612
Pasadena CA 91102
United States

Tel : 1 626 440 9688
Fax : 1 626 449 1557
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Taylor Van Horne, Executive Director


The principal residence (600m2) contains five bedroom suites (two of which have attached offices), two rooms currently used as studios, a large kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a small library, arranged around a central courtyard. The administration and staff support are located in separate buildings. There is also a minimally equipped woodshop available for the artists’ use.

Social and artistic disciplines

The Fundaçà£o Sacatar is open to individuals in all creative pursuits, although the facilities are simple and limited. In addition to room and board, the Foundation provides most residents a separate space in which to work. Furthermore, the Residency Manager helps the artists make the local contacts that they may seek. At the artists’ request, the Foundation locates students, collaborators and subjects as well as appropriate local venues (theaters, galleries, universities, libraries, cultural centers, museums, non-traditional settings, etc.) for the artists to develop and sometimes present their work. The artist is responsible for personal expenses and all materials and other costs associated with his/her production while at the Foundation.

Financial support

- Additional support through the UNESCO/Aschberg Bursary

- Program and individual donors.

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